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Churches in Orlando

Cornerstone ChurchEarly Christianity began in America with the colonization of Europeans in the 16th century. Roman Catholocism was introduced to New Spain by the French, Bristish and Spain. Later, Northern Europeans searching for religious freedom began to proliferate Protestantism along the eastern seaboard.

Inicially, the territory known as the "Thirteen Colonies" in 1776 was largely populated by Protestant settlers seeking religious freedom from the Church of England around 1534. Likewise, around 1565, Catholic missionaries from Spain  migrating to Florida also converted the native American population to Christrianity. One of the first Spanish Indian missions of la Florida began soon after the founding of St. Augustine in 1565 that was conducted by the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests.

The image above reflects the Cornerstone Family Church located at  2925 Canoe Creek Road, in St. Cloud FL 34772


First Baptist Church KissimmeeFirst Baptist Church Kissimmee
With some 2,419 churches in Florida alone, one of the largest denominations in Florida is represented by the First Baptist Church in Kissimmee.  Boasting several hundred adherants devoted to the doctrine of calvinism, the First Baptist Church of Kissimmee is proud to be the friendliest place in town. 
"We are a family that cares and is devoted to teaching the Bible and the community" says pastor Tim Wilder.  First Baptist Church of Kissimmee makes spiritual connections through Sunday school, daily worship, worship kids-style, preschool and a host of other diversified  activities through out the week. 

Ministry opportunities include:

  • Missionary projects
  • Praise and Worship
  • Osceola Pregnancy Center
  • Osceola Christian Ministry Center

First United Methodist Church
Methodist Church in KissimmeeWhile George Whitefield refused to speculate on how many believers were converted, the Methodists had a better way, In 1830's,  at the dawning of the nineteenth century, many American Methodist wanted a method to determine which unconverted visitor had been converted.  Ultimately the today's altar call model came from Anglican preachers.  At the onset of the nineteenth centuiry,  Anglican churches often featured an altar in front of the communion table.  Anglican ministers then encouraged parishioners to come to the altar, hence an "altar call",  if they needed prayer or encouragement. Methodist preachers inherited this tradition but changed its purpose, calling rather those "under conviction" to come forward to the altar to make open confessions for salvation.  In essence the altar call many times is substitution for a true work of the Holy Spirit.

First United Methodist Kissimmee offer a vibrant down to earth congregation in the premier vacation capitals of the world. Enthusiasts incite that the doors are open to welcome tourists to experience the presence of God's spirit in the midst of their services. First United Methodist Church featrues a variety of ministry opportunities inclduing  Worship ministry, Outreach ministry,  bible college,  and discipleship training.

St. John's Episcopal ChurchEpiscopalian Church Kissimmee

First Presbyterian Church Kissimmee Presbyterians Church Kissimmee

Holy Redeemer ChurchHoly Redeemer Catholic Church Kissimmee